The JLX Experience

We at JLX FIT know that they’re many options for health. We trust that the following information will encourage you to become a part of our JLX FIT family.

After serving individuals for the past 8 years we realize that you may be frustrated with the state of your health and all the contradictions within the fitness industry, food industry and even the state of gyms.

Your frustrations may range from not knowing how to train, what machines to use, not knowing what to do when you go to the gym, when to eat or you may have tried training before and got nothing out of it.

The JLX experience is about putting your mind at ease. We’ll figure out the reps, the exercise and the food. We’ll give you the tools but you have to use them.

We are for motivated individuals and are not for everyone. Our style is performance driven, our programs are at the next level and our expectations are high but if you want to be a part of system with a high success rate then we may be for you.

You can reach us by phone @ 626-283-7253 or email us @ to set up your JLX FIT Assess and move forward to looking better, feeling better, moving better and living better.


Jammeal Lopez