JLX FiT was created as a resource offering all the tools necessary to excel in movement, to prevent injuries and better cope with injuries. We provide our clients with training fit for any superstar athlete.

JLX FiT was formed to be an alternative to time with a holistic edge in understanding that if you are good to your body then your body will be good to you. We bring new age ideas with new age techniques while, at the same time, respecting the common techniques used today.

Our ideas are fresh and our rules of prevention are stern, but our motto stands firm to enjoy the journey, teaching you that a fitter YOU is a byproduct of a sequence of great things falling in place through innovative coaching and education.

As a young company, JLX is always pushing a prescription for life performance, which we define as improved movement! If we can teach you how to understand your body, manage it and move with it, then the byproduct of a fitter, happier YOU is only a short distance away.

JLX brings valued service and knows that your journey will entail hard work, but we will challenge you to be real. We are prepared to work hard alongside you in good nature towards your goal and to push you to whatever extreme you need to have a life changing revolution. We understand that you do not live in a box and JLX provides a prescription to rescue you from being a hostage to food, work, time and yourself.


Thank you

Jammeal Lopez




• Competitive Style Kettlebell Instructor through the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation

• TRX System Instructor bringing fitness anywhere

• Functional Movement Screening Specialist which is the industries top method for assessment

• Olympic Lifting Reeducation Coach

• Weight Management Consultant

• High Speed Sprint training EDUCATION


• UCLA undergoing studies in Physiological Science



• Peter Rouse of Optimum Performance and noted speaker for Perform Better

• Alicia Fong of Alicia Fong Performance Strength and Conditioning

• Dr. Andrew Lee of Soleus Physical Therapy